Boat CE by American Sports Boats Ltd

Import / export


We can arrange transport and shipping of your boat or car from the USA to Europe including:-

  • Collection from dealer or private seller
  • Delivery to dock with correct documentation
  • Construction of shipping cradle if required
  • Export customs clearance
  • Shipping to Europe
  • Import customs cearance
  • Payment of duty and VAT
  • Assistance with import proceedure
  • Assistance with collection
  • We offer CE Certification prior to shipping or on arrival in Europe at the most competative rates available.

Contact us now for best rates, we offer both container for smaller boats, PWC or cars, or Ro/Ro service for larger boats. We are also able to arrange shipping of boats and cars from UK or US to Australia and New Zealand.


We can arrange ocean freight (shipping) from any US port to Europe, or worldwide, through our partners in the US. The people we use have many years experience shipping boats to Europe and beyond, and are fully aware of the requirements, both legal and physical when shipping overseas.


  • Methods of shipping:-
  • Ro/Ro (Roll on Roll off) trailer or cradle.
  • Container.
  • FLO/FLO (Float on Float off).
  • Deck Cargo.

Often it is likely that there is more than one way of shipping your boat, using our experience we can advise, which is the most economical way of getting your investment home. There are several ways of shipping a boat the most common ro/ro (roll on roll off) using car shipping vessels this means of shipping applies to boats on trailer or cradle, if a cradle is required we can arrange construction at most east coast US ports. In some cases a container may be more suitable, our partners in US can load boats and where required build cradles for the boat inside the container so that your investment is shipped in a safe and secure manner. Containers can be more economical and often container carrying vessels will service ports not on ro/ro routes. For larger boats it may be more suitable to use a FLO/FLO (float on Float off) service, these routes tend to be based on the volume of cargo for specific areas, and are not always scheduled as ro/ro or container carrying vessels. Typically shipping from East Coast US to Europe will take between 10-22 days, depending on schedule and destination in Europe. Timescales for boats trans shipped within Europe can take longer, ie if there is not a direct service from the US to destination port, the transatlantic vessel would be unloaded and cargo loaded onto another vessel servicing ports within Europe. This is common when shipping to Cyprus, Malta, Norway, Finland and Poland etc. Ports with direct service include Southampton UK, Bremerhaven Germany, Gothenburg Sweden, Amsterdam Netherlands, Le Havre France, Genoa Italy, Barcelona Spain and others. Of course cost is not always the prime issue, in some cases time is of the essence, we can advise schedules and compare the different means of shipping to get your boat home as quickly as possible.

The usual ports of export from US to Europe are New York, Baltimore, Charleston, Savannah, Brunswick, Jacksonville and Miami (container). Whilst shipping (ocean freight) can be arranged from other ports, ie West coast or Gulf coast, to Europe, the cost tends to be higher but may work out cheaper than trucking a boat overland to an East coast port.

Ro/Ro shipping is the most common form of ocean freight for boats. The cost is based on the volume of the boat as shipped. Shipping costs are calculated using the dimensions of the boat, including trailer if there is one, length x width x height. For example a 25’ boat with trailer could be around 30’ in length including trailer. When shipping boats with wakeboard towers or radar arches it is advisable to have these removed for shipping if possible to reduce the overall height and therefore the cost. Our partners in the US can remove these items for you (where possible) and stow then on board for shipping and shrink wrap if required.

Shrink wrap is commonly used for boats being shipped, this process seals the boat and contents inside a tight polythene cover keeping everything clean and secure. We can arrange shrink wrap at most US ports, and in some case en route to port prior to export. Shrink wrap is inexpensive and will help to protect your boat en route to final destination. Of course shrink wrap may have to be removed on arrival for customs or CE Certification inspection.

When you use our services for shipping, we will also appoint an agent at port of discharge to act on your behalf. The agent will handle all import procedures and help with payment of tax and duty etc. In some cases if we are also carrying out CE Certification our inspector will meet you at the dock on arrival.

Road Transport US

OK so you’ve found your boat, the only problem is, its 500 miles from the nearest port. No problem. We can arrange collection of your boat from anywhere in the US and deliver to dock, whether it is on its own trailer or a trailer is required, no matter we can arrange it. The drivers we use have the necessary credentials to get into ports as is now required by Homeland Security within the US. Obviously, the further we need to truck the boat the higher the cost, but we can provide an accurate quotation on request, to include all tolls if there are any, after all it your perfect boat will almost certainly not be located right outside the dock gates. Once we get your go ahead, we will liaise with the seller, dealer or broker to arrange collection. You must make sure any outstanding fees have been paid, however we will confirm this prior to pick up. We will keep you posted during the entire process, and will usually photograph the boat on arrival at dock and send dock receipt where required.