Boat CE by American Sports Boats Ltd






CE Certification is required on almost all recreational craft entering Europe for the first time. We are able to carry out this process either before export from USA or on arrival at any destination.

We have inspectors in US, Europe and Caribbean and have carried out certification process as far afield as French Polynesia. The new directive 2013/53/EU comes into force on 18th January 2016.


Through our partners in US and Europe we can arrange shipping from US to Europe and worldwide as required. Normally boats will be shipped on roro (roll on roll off) vessels but in some cases container may be more economical.

Boats can be shipped on a trailer or if a trailer is not available or suitable a shipping cradle can be custom made for your boat.


In some cases we can arrange door to door transport from seller in US to your home destinationThis service is particularly useful for buyers in Switzerland and Croatia where long overland transport is required from port although not limited to these countries. Alternatively, you can arrange your own collection and transport.


We can help with export / import process usually from start to finish although we recognize often importers prefer to use their own import agents. Ocean freight prices usually include all export charges but not destination charges. Please be aware that import duty and tax is payable on the complete cost, insurance and freight.

CE Marking, CE Certification, EU approval and the CE Mark for American Boats and jet ski’s

American Sports Boats Ltd and our inspectors are approved by EU Notified Bodies to carry out "post construction assessment" and CE marking on all imported boats meeting the requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD 94/25/EC as amended by 2003/44/EC and now replaced by 2013/53/EU) whether they be sports boats, cruisers, fishing boats, trawlers. The associated CE Mark is proof that your American Boat complies with the directive. We have agents in Europe and the USA and offer a very competitive price and service, we travel anywhere at very reasonable rates, whether you import or export to Europe call us we can help CE your boat

WARNING!! It has been brought to our attention that a number of our competitors are using our company name "American Sports Boats" on their websites, whilst we are flattered at the attention clients should be aware there are only 3 websites associated with us , any other site is not linked with us and should be treated with caution.

We have dealers in Europe looking for good quality used boats from US or already in Europe. Let us know if your boat is for sale. American Sports Boats Ltd are not brokers or dealers, we will pass your details to interested parties.

We now have a new inspector in the Caribbean, if you need certification in the area let us know.

**The new recreational craft directive 2013/53/EU repealing directive 94/25/EC comes into force 18th January 2016 replacing 94/25/EC as amended by 2003 44 EC. For more information please contact us.